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National health insurance service


National Health Insurance Corporation


  • “Tell us the category and type of health checkup.”
    One of the goals for promotion of National Health Insurance Health Checkup is to detect and treat illness at its early stage. General health checkup is comprised of an interview and the physical examination, breast radiation, blood test, urine test, oral examination and health risk assessment result, and secondary examination involves discussion and healthcare education for people who are candidates for hypertension and diabetes.

    Cancer checkup includes 5 common cancers: stomach cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, and liver cancer. The following examinees can undergo the cancer examination:
    Stomach cancer, breast cancer: persons at the age of 40 or above
    Colorectal cancer : persons at the age of 50 or above
    Cervical cancer : females at the age of 20 or above
  • “Is the corporation carrying out post-management for health management with regard to the result of the health checkup?”
    NHIS is making provisions and having discussions with people who have insulin resistance syndrome or metabolic syndrome(hypertension, diabetes), or specific diseases(hypertension, diabetes) and health problems discovered as a result of medical examination.
  • “Can I undergo the health screening at no cost?”
    NHIS fully covers the cost of general screening with the insurance contributions paid by the insured.
    Therefore, there is no additional costs charged for the screening to the examinee.
    For cancer screening, NHIS covers 90% of the costs when the examinee pays the 10%. However, there is no co-payment on cervical or colorectal cancer screenings.
  • Can I get the health checkup at any hospital, or are there designated locations?
    Yes, there are several hospitals doing the health checkups service, so you may check the list of hospitals which can provide health checkup services.
  • Can I receive the health checkup from any hospitals (clinics) or is it only available from the designated medical institutions?
    The examinee can get the health checkup from any designated hospitals (clinics) and public healthcare centers, according to the Framework Act on Health Examination.