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National health insurance service


National Health Insurance Corporation


  • “When a self-employed insured person who married a US army soldier receives health care benefits in the US army medical institution, may he/she be withdrawn from the self-employed health insurance?”
    A self-employed insured person who marries a US army soldier and consequently receives US medical security benefits may be excluded from the coverage of self-employed health insurance through the confirmation of family relations certificate registration or medical security certificate (Revision 31510-143, Feb. 20, 1992).
  • Hong-gil Dong, an overseas Korean, entered Korea on Mar.1, 2006 and reported his domestic residence on Dec.1, 2007. After staying in Korea, he departed on Jun.1, 2008 and reentered Korea on Dec.17, 2008, and then requested for self-employed health insurance enrollment on Jan.2, 2009. In this case, when is the date of acquiring the eligibility? (He hasn’t subscribed to self-employed health insurance before)
    Since his final arrival date (entry date) is Dec. 17, 2008, he may acquire the eligibility on Mar. 17, 2009 because his eligibility is acquired on the date when 3 months have passed after Dec. 17, 2008 as the final entry date.
  • An overseas Korean, Gun Gang who used to be a health insurance policyholder before entered Korea on Dec. 24, 2015. wants to acquire the eligibility for self-employed health insurance. When is the date of acquiring the eligibility?
    When an overseas Korean wants to get a health insurance policy as a self-employed insured, he or she should reside in Korea over 3 months from the last entry date, March 24, 2016. in case if she or he visit with the purpose of marriage with Korean, studying, and if she or he had left the Korea and came back again while he or she had paid insurance contributions, he or she can get the eligibility from the date of the entry
  • “When a foreigner or an overseas-based Korean is employed at the workplace where the employees become the the employee insured, does that person automatically become an employment-provided policyholder?”
    When a foreigner or an overseas Korean is hired at the workplace where the employees become the employee insured or employed as a public official or a teacher, he/she becomes the target of compulsory subscription beginning Jan. 1, 2006. In this case, alien registration (reporting domestic residence) must be submitted.
    However, exclusion may apply under the following cases:
    1. When applying for insurance exclusion as the target of arbitrary subscription based on the social security treaty agreement between nations (Applied beginning Jun. 1, 2007)
    2. When receiving separate medical security according to foreign acts, a foreign insurance or a contract with an employer (Applied beginning Jul. 31, 2007)
  • A married couple, registered as a family on the resident registration delivered a baby in a foreign country and registered the birth of their baby there. If they enter Korea and report to register their baby as their dependent, when is the baby registered as a dependent?
    A baby should get the qualification of dependent. If the birth of a baby is reported after entry into Korea, the baby has the eligibility of dependent on the date of being registered. When a baby needs to receive insurance benefit even before his/her birth is reported, however, the date of acquiring a dependent eligibility is retroactively applied to the entry date for a beneficiary’s right.