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Employee Subscriber

Contribution for the employee insured is calculated by multiplying the monthly wage and contribution rate.

Monthly Contribution = Monthly Wage X Contribution Rate

Contribution is paid by the employee insured (50%) and the employer (50%).
Contribution is paid by deducting withholding tax from the salary and applied retroactively at the time of employment.

Local subscriber

Overseas Koreans and Foreigners

  • Imposition Criteria: Calculated on the same basis as local residents. However, if the calculated insurance fee is less than the average fee from last year November, the average insurance fee has to be paid in between next year January to December.
  • Subject to imposition (culture and arts), D-2 (study abroad), D-3 (industrial training), D-4 (general training), D-5 (coverage), D-6 (religion), D-7 (sojourn), D-8 (corporate investment), D-9 (trade management), D-10 (job search), E-1 (professor), E-2 (speaking supervision), E-3 (research), E-4 (technical supervision), E-5 (specialized jobs), E-6 (artistic run), E-7 (specific activity), E-9 (non-professional employment), E-10 (crewman employment), H-1 (working holiday), H-2 (visiting employee), G-1 (other), F-1 (visiting cohabitation), F-2 (residential), F-3 (accompany), F-4 (foreigner), overseas Koreans

Foreigner permanently residing in the country.

  • Criteria for imposition: imposed on the same basis as local residents. 
  • Subject to imposition (qualification): permanent residence (F-5), marriage immigrants (F-6)

Reduction of insurance fee for foreigners and overseas Koreans

  • D-2 (study abroad), D-4 (general training), F-4 (foreigner), overseas Koreans study: 50%
  • D-6 (religious), F-1-16 (family of refugees), F-2-4 (immigrant refugees), G-1-16 (humanitarian sojourners), G-1-12 (family of humanitarian sojourners): 30%
  • Foreigner permanently residing in the country: the same as local residents (10-50%)
    However, the application is limited to cases where the income from the premium reduction notice is less than 3.6 million won per year and the taxable property is less than 135 million won.