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National health insurance service

Long-Term Care Insurance System for the Elderly

National Health Insurance Corporation

Insurance Benefit

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In- Services

  • Home Visit Care
  • Home Visit Bathing
  • Home Visit Nursing
  • Day and night care
  • Short-term respite care
  • Others (Equipment Service)

The Equipment Service provides assistance in the ADL (activities of daily living) and physical activities for those who have difficulty carrying out their daily routine due to the physical and cognitive decline. Welfare equipment can be utilized by purchase or rental with small amount of copayments.

  • Welfare items available for purchase include (9 types): Portable Toilets, Bath Chairs, Adult Walkers, Safety Handles, Non-Slip Products, Toilet Pots, Canes, Bedsore-prevention Mattress, Posture Conversion Tools
  • Welfare items available for rental include (8 types) : Manual wheelchairs, motorized beds, manual beds, bedsore-preventing mattress , movable tubs, bath lifts, ramps, wandering alarm

Long-Term Care Facility

Long-Term Care facility provides care services.

Special Cash Benefits

A member of family who supports the beneficiaries gets supportive cash benefits from NHIS


Services excluded from coverage are as follows

  • Food ingredients, additional fees generated from the usage of advanced ward usages, dental aesthetics fee