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National health insurance service

National Health Insurance System

National Health Insurance Corporation

Customer Support Program

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NHIS provides reliable health information to Korean citizens for the better understanding of health-related information.

Providing unique and reliable NHIS health information in various subject areas

The provision of customized health information in various subject areas based on personal data from examinations

  • Individual healthcare treatment according to one's specific condition
  • Discovering one's age as a measure of overall health by utilizing data, such as height, weight and blood pressure

The provision of reliable health information via the specialized site, 'Health iN'

  • Providing relevant NHIS examinations for specific target groups
  • The provision of specific information regarding each district's hospital and pharmacy and a map of their locations

Follow-up Management on Health Screening and healthcare support service for patients with chronic disease

  • The provision of counseling services for health related information and a reduction in complex diseases through suitable medical treatment and management of health risk factors and diseases. The provision of follow up programs based on health check-up results and health management for chronic disease patients.
  • Metabolic Syndrome Management : providing customized counseling, SMS service, and references (such as information pamphlet, guidelines for self-care, customized healthcare note) to those who have a risk factor of metabolic syndrome that is a pre-phase of illnesses.
  • Health Management on chronic diseases : Supporting improvement on self-care ability by providing healthcare information, personal counseling, and education service to patients with high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Lend self-blood pressure monitoring tools and blood glucose monitoring devices regularly for those patients with high-blood pressure & diabetes who want(8 week to the max)

Supportive equipment rental program

  • Provide free of charge rental services for care aids and appliances to those insured, helping them their temporary needs in the course of treatment and rehabilitation. helping them when there are temporary needs in the course of treatment and rehabilitation
  • Equipment available for rental : Wheelchairs, Four-Wheeled Walkers, Crutches