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Health Promotion

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Nowadays, active health management at the prevention level is required for Korean citizens’ healthy lives while the cost for chronic diseases is rising, a birth rate is falling and societies are getting older. To cope with these trends, NHIS has been doing a variety of things, such as persuading people to get health checkups regularly to detect diseases at the early stage and enhancing public health accordingly.

Health Checkup

Target of the General Health- Checkup

  • The employee insured
  • The self-employed insured: Householders, Subscribers at least 20 years old, dependents at least 20 years old

Target of Cancer Check-up

  • Stomach cancer, Breast cancer: Those aged 40 or older (once in two years)
  • Colorectal cancer: Those aged 50 or older (once in a year)
  • Uterine: Over 20 years old (once in two years)
  • Liver cancer: over age 40 (once in half year)

Co-payment rate

  • General Health check-up: fully covered by NHIS
  • Cancer Check-up: NHIS (90%), Examinee (10%)
    • (In case of colorectal and cervical cancer, NHIS covers the entire costs)

Note: The NHIS pay the whole expenses incurred in Pap-tests.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Campaign for a healthy life

  • Do campaigns for health promotion, such as informing on stop-smoking, drinking moderately and healthy lifestyle habits by giving brochures to people.
  • Operate a health education program targeting junior high or high school students or provide health information regarding drinking in moderation.
  • Do campaigns for prevention of diabetes and adult high blood pressure
  • Phone calls, direct counseling or providing customized information for people who show symptoms after a medical examination
  • Do post-health check-up management, such as the telephone counseling, the face to face counseling, and the distribution of customized information books for people who get symptoms.

People centered health promotion projects

  • By preventing the decreased physical function in old age and age-related diseases, NHIS provides indoor and outdoor exercise programs for persons 65 years or older. This helps maintaining one’s health in old age and reducing long-term care treatment costs.
  • Promoting health exercises such as holding a walking championship for health
  • Analyzing project effectiveness through the health level of seniors, measuring physical function and screening for depression

Obesity-Related Projects

  • Operate obesity treatment programs such as exercise and dietary treatment targeted for overweight primary school children for over 2 to 3 month period.
  • Provide health consulting services or perform the obesity measure at local festivals