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National health insurance service

National Health Insurance System

National Health Insurance Corporation

Eligible Subject

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  1. Eligible Persons All citizens who reside in Korea (except the persons who are excluded from the coverage of the National Health Insurance according to the National Health Insurance Act)
  2. The others
    1. Medical Aid beneficiaries
    2. Health care beneficiaries for veterans (or, independent movement activists)

      Note: The following persons may apply for the National Health Insurance:
      1. When persons, who were veterans or independent movement activists, apply to enroll themselves for the NHIS
      2. Persons who do not request the exclusion of the NHI when they became beneficiaries of a veterans’ health care.
  3. Dependent of the insured Persons, from among the persons falling under any of the following qualifications, who are dependents to the employee insured policy holder and meet the criteria to be a dependent, such as do not have other remuneration or income:
    1. Spouses of the employee insured
    2. Lineal ascendants of the employee insured (including lineal ascendants of their spouses)
    3. Lineal descendants (including lineal descendants of their spouses) and their spouses of the employee insured
    4. Brothers/sisters of the employee insured

Types of the insured

  1. As the beneficiary of national health insurance, he/she has the entitlement of insurance benefit and duty of contribution payment (employee-insured Contributions are paid by the employer and the employee by 50-50). The insured are divided into 2 types; the employee insured and the self-employed insured.
  2. The employee insured:
    The workers and employers in all workplaces and the public officials and private school employees, daily-paid workers at construction sites
  3. The self-employed insured:
    The insured other than the employee insured and their dependants (Farmers & Fishermen, self-employed persons, etc.)
  4. Dependents:
    Persons who are dependent their livelihood to the employee insured and do not have other remuneration or income