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National health insurance service

Korean Social Security System

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Social Security System

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Social security system

The social security system of Korea has three components: social insurance, public assistance, and social welfare service. The overall social security system in Korea is as follows:

Korean Social Security System

Korean Social Security System
Social Insurance Public Assistance Social Security System
  • Health Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance for the Elderly,
  • National Pension,
  • Unemployment Insurance,
  • Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance
  • Basic Living Security System,
  • Medical Benefit
  • Welfare of the Aged,
  • Welfare of the Disabled,
  • Child Welfare
  • Female Welfare
  • Medical, Psychosocial Business

Social insurance in Korea

  1. Present Condition … The nation requires citizens to subscribe to 4 compulsory social insurances by law. Secure income, medical treatment, rehabilitation, and employment opportunity as a social safeguard against disease, disability, old age, death, and unemployment.
    • Health Insurance … Secure medical treatment and promote health.
    • Pension Insurance, Unemployment Insurance … Secure income.
    • Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance … Secure medical treatment and income.
  2. Type of Social Insurance
    Korean Social Security System
    Type Meaning & Benefit
    Health Insurance
    • Improve public health and promote social security by covering healthcare service cost, such as preventative treatment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation treatment for diseases, injuries, childbirth and death.
    • Health insurance benefits have two kinds:
      • Benefits in kind: Health care benefit, Health checkup
      • Benefits in cash: Assistive equipment cost for the disabled, Reimbursement on the co-payment ceiling, Reimbursement on pregnancy checkup& childbirth costs are given.
    National Pension
    • Secure the retirement benefits of Korean citizens with income security, thereby promoting national welfare in the case of retirement, disability or death.
    • Old-aged pension, Disability pension, Survivor’s pension
    Industrial Accident
    • Contribute to the improvement of workers’ quality of life through providing optimal workers’ compensations, rehabilitation supports and welfare services.
    • Care benefit, Temporary incapacity benefit, Disability benefit, Nursing benefit, Survivor benefit, Funeral expenses reimbursement, Injury & disease compensation pension are given.
    • Contribute to the improvement of workers’ quality of life through providing temporary income support to unemployed workers while they look for employment or to upgrade their skills.
    • Unemployment benefit, and maternity and parental benefit are given.