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Ilsan Hospital

As the only insurer’s hospital in the country, the hospital is operated by the National Health Insurance Service. To fulfill the important role of a health insurance model hospital with the highest quality of medical treatment and friendly service, Ilsan Hospital possesses high-tech medical equipment and facilities. from 13 floors above the ground, 5 floors underground, 818 beds. boasting of the aforesaid advanced equipment, facilities, and best service.

Its building composed of 13 floors above the ground, 5 floors underground with 818 beds. Ilsan hospital opened its door boasting of the aforesaid advanced equipment, facilities, and the best service on March 3, 2000.


As a hospital directly managed by the insurer, Ilsan hospital promotes the convenience of members' use of medical devices and meet the patient’ demand.
It also focuses on the improvement of public health and medical treatment and the development of the health insurance system through the analysis of various clinical data

National Health Insurance Model hospital, Public Healthcare Sector Hospital

NHIS Policy Determinations
Based on the number of health care evaluation
Provide a standard level of care
Provision of appropriate medical service
Patient-centered hospital operating
Establish effective systems of patient care
Public medical service provision
Support government health care project
Provide medical support to the vulnerable
Building medical cooperative systems

Background and Aim

The 21st Century medical environment urgently needs the provision of a model for new medical service environment and hospital operation considering the increasing medical needs, growth of the elderly population, and change in disease structure. Specifically, there was a need to open an insurer’s hospital where such new medical service and operation system is developed and applied for public interests. Finally, Ilsan Hospital opened in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do to provide high-quality medical service for the northwestern Gyeonggi area, where medically underserved.

Major Features

Patient wait time has been reduced and the benefits of medical care improved by introducing automatic systems for building, inventory, test and pharmacy.

  • Secure top medical forces consistently and constantly in cooperation with Yonsei University (Human Resource and Technology Cooperation program).
  • The supply of high quality medical professional can be secured through human resource and technical cooperation with Yonsei University
  • Provide a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere in patient rooms by selecting 4-bed capacity room as standard patient room to create patients’ emotional stability.
  • By providing non-profit facilities, including a directly operated funeral hall, reputation as a public hospital can be enhanced.
  • Prepare large parking lots(1,213 cars) to enhance convenience of incoming patients.
  • Day lighting and ventilation effects anywhere inside buildings based on the latest architectural design and structure (inner courtyard and atrium)
  • As a hospital operated by the insurer, provide kind service with reasonable medical fee to realize a patient-centered hospital.