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National health insurance service

About the Corporation

National Health Insurance Corporation

Headquarters (including Health Insurance Policy Institute)

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Department of Planning and Coordination

Planning and budgeting, business strategy, organization / capacity, branch management, external cooperation, management evaluation / achievement, job creation

Department of Legal Affairs Support

regulation management, lawsuit approval·guidance, persoanl information deliberation, objection

Department of Financial Management

estimation of insurance finance, financial management, settlement management

Public Relations

domestic and foreign promotion, response to media

Department of Human Resources Support

Personnel, payment, conduct, labor-management cooperation, Management of Human Resources Development Institute

Department of Management Support

General affairs, purchase · procurement, welfare benefit, company management, social contribution, emergency planning management

Eligiblility & Imposition

qualification for application, business management, imposing insurance contribution

Integrative Collection

notice·collection of social insurance contribution, management of deferred social insurance

Department of Customer Support

Public service system, customer center, web site management, task concentration center, mail management center, proposal system

Department of Benefits Assurance

benefit / non-covered benefit, disastrous medical expenses, medical expenses for pregnancy and childbirth, medical expenses for the elderly, co-payment system

Department of Assurance Implementation

Integrated nursing service, hospice and palliative care, calculation exemption, benefits in dental services

Department of Insurance benefit

Medical / pharmaceutical negotiations, medical benefit, medical welfare

Department of Benefits Management

payment of medical expenses, co-payment over ceiling, refund allowance for co-payment over ceiling, benefits in cash, Supportive equipment rental services for the disabled, unjust enrichment, injury factors, and other levies

Department of Medical Institution Support

Investigation of administrative violation and benefits (local investigation support)

Department of Big Data Steering

Big data, Health Information DB, DW management, statistical data

Department of Health Management

Health promotion and protection, health screening, management on health screening institutions, healthcare support program

Department of Long-term Care Management

Long-term care insurance administration, finance, legal affairs, long-term care agency management

Department of Long-term Care Benefits

Application for Long-term Care, assistance in use of Long-term care benefits

Department of Long-term Care Claims Review

Long-term Care Insurance expenses, institution field review & investigation, Long-term Care benefits evaluation

Office Of Audit & Inspection

general audit, external audit, corrective inspection

Information Technology Headquarters

Information planning, information system development and operation, computer development and maintenance

Health Insurance Policy Research Institute

Institutional research, financial analysis, international cooperation

Human Resources Development Institute

Human resource development, education and training, operation and management of human resource development center