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National health insurance service

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National Health Insurance Corporation

Finance Operations Committee

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Board of Directors

Appointed/entrusted by the Minister of Health and Welfare

  • A chairman is elected by a committee’s vote among members representing public interests
  • 10 Representatives of the employee-insured group; from labor union and employers’ association, 5 people respectively
  • 10 Representatives of the self-employed insured group; from farmers and fishermen’s association(3 people), the self-employed association in urban area(3 people), civic groups’ association(4 people)
  • 10 representatives for the public interests group; government officials who are designated by the presidential decree(2 people)and experts in the health insurance field(8 people)

As the insured-oriented organization, it is set up in the National Health Insurance Service to deliberate, determine the following issues related with insurance finance, e.g. contract the health care benefit expenses with 7 representatives of each health care providers’ group

  • Matters concerning the contract for the payment of medical care costs with a person representing each medical association.
  • Matters concerning the cancellation of outstanding contribution
  • Matters concerning set the basis of the monthly remuneration for the employee insured.
  • Matters concerning the adjustment on the linkage period of contribution imposition data for the self-employed insured

2 Regular Meetings, 1 regular meeting, and extraordinary meetings (if necessary)

  • The committee holds two types of meetings: regular meeting and special meeting.
  • A regular meeting is held every March.
  • A special meeting is held under the following cases:

    - When the president or one-third of current members called for the meeting

    - When the chairman of FMC called for the meeting

  • Majority of the current committee members attend and deliberate on issues, decision is made based on the majority vote of the attendees.