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National health insurance service

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National Health Insurance Corporation

Board of Directors

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Article 26 of National Health Service Law
A board of directors deliberates and resolves decide major issues influencing the National Health Insurance Service.
  • (Board Members)
    Article 20 and article 26, Article 7
    and 8 of the articles of association
  • (Board Mettings)Article 12,
    Article 25 of the articles of association,
    Article 27 of the articles of association
  • (Resolutions)
    Article 11, article 24 of the articles
    of association
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Board of Directors

Chairman of the board and
14 directors

  • Chairman of the board, 5 executive directors
  • One person is selected from each of the following types of groups for a total of six people: labor union, employer‘s association, civic group, consumer group, agriculture group, senior citizens‘ association
  • 3 government officials with third grade level or senior executive level who are from the Ministry of Strategy & Finance, Ministry of Personnel Management, Ministry of Health & Welfare each.


  • Annual meeting in February and October
  • Ad hoc meeting called by the chairman of the board when more than a third of current directors request the meeting in writing and specify the purpose of the meeting

Process of resolution

  • Decisions are reached when a majority of current directors are present and in agreement.
  • Issues concerning the public corporation's basic policy, such as the business operating plan
  • Issues concerning the budget and the accounts
  • Issues concerning the modification of the Articles of the NHIS
  • Issues concerning financial regulation amendments and the retractions
  • Issues regarding insurance contributions and collection fees (hereafter referred to as premiums) based on relevant laws, and insurance benefits
  • Issues regarding reserves according to article 38, acquisition management and disposal of other essential property
  • Issues regarding debt according to article 37
  • Other important issues regarding the public corporation