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National health insurance service

About the Corporation

National Health Insurance Service


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1963 ~ 1979 1981 ~ 2000 2001 ~ 2011
  • Implemented public official & private
    school teacher medical insurance
  • Implemented medical insurance for
    workplaces with 500 or more workers
    (established 486 associations)
  • Amended the medical insurance act
  • Integrated the national health insur-
    ance management corporation and
    employee medical insurance associa-
    tions (139 associations))
  • Established the National Health
    Insurance Service (complete
    medical insurance integration)
  • Legislated the national health insur-
    ance law
  • Integrated regional medical insurance
    (227 associations) and official &
    teacher medical insurance
  • Established the National Medical
    Insurance Management Corporation
  • Legislated the national medical
    insurance law

    Implemented city medical insurance →
    Enabled nationwide medical insurance
  • Expanded regional medical insurance
    to farming and fishing villages

    Applied medical insurance to work-
    places with 5 or more workers
  • Expanded medical insurance to
    workplaces with 100 or more workers
  • Unified collection of major social insurance fees (National Health Insurance, National Pension, Unemployment Insurance, and Workers' Compension)
  • Implemented long-term care insurance
  • Legislated the law on long-term care
    insurance for the elderly
    (Law No. 8403)
  • Implemented long-term care insur-
    ance pilot project
  • Integrated industrial financing and
    regional financing
    (De facto integration of two health
  • Legislated the special law on national
    health insurance healthy financing
  • Incorporated workers of workplace
    with less than 5 workers in employee
    medical insurance subscriber
  • National Health Insurance Service : (Jul. 1, 2000)
    • National Health Insurance Management Corporation : (Oct. 1, 1998)
      • Regional Health Insurance Association : (227)
      • Official & Teacher Medical Insurance Association : (1)
    • Employee Heath Insurance Association : (139)