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National health insurance service

About the Corporation

National Health Insurance Service

Strategy Objectives

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Management Objective Structure


Improvement of people's quality of life through the promotion of national and social security



  • - Beloved national health insurance that serves the public
  • - Contribution to improving people’s quality of life with one health insurance
  • - A partner that grows together with mutual trust and respect
  • - Independent and innovative organization with prepared professionals


Core value

Happiness, Harmony, Challenge, Creativity


Administration policy

Faimess and Trust, Coexistence and Development, Creativity Innovation


Strategic goals

  • Strategic goal 1

    Providing a health care system safeguarding people’s health care with one national health insurance
  • Strategic goal 2

    Health management tailored to the people for the improvement of health life span
  • Strategic goal 3

    Great long-term care insurance for the improvement of the quality of life in the old age.
  • Strategic goal 4

    Become global standard through strengthening insurer’s capability
  • Strategic goal 5

    National health insurance service with full of energy and pride through autonomy and innovation


Strategic task

Strategic task
Expansion of stable financial sources Strengthened inter-
oganizational cooperation for health promotion
Expansion of long-term care insurance coverage Re-establishment of insurer’s functions and governance Advanced business management system
Policy support for expanding health coverage Strengthening chronic illness prevention system Enhancing quality of beneficiary oriented service Building the basis for the creation of new public health ecology Strengthening responsibility to lead the people's trust
Establishment of a reasonable medical cost management system Advanced health
checkup system
Advanced basis for the provision of services Preparations for the futureincluding international cooperation and reunification Advanced information protection and IT system
Construction of efficient financial management system Establishment of an ICT-based health information utilization system Stable management of long-term care finance Construction of knowledge basis with big data Construction of a creative and communicative organizational culture


Global leader in healthcare for tour lifelong health and happiness

  • Transition from a low burden and benefit system to a reasonable burden and benefit system for better life-
    long healthcare service
  • Nation for all of citi-
    zens to live healthier
    and happier lives
  • Global leader in healthcare field with the global standard health care system

To provide the best healthcare service so that all Koreans may have healthy
and happy lives and to become a global leader in healthcare,
we will put the following into practice

  • 1. We will aim at achieving a sustainable healthcare system and improving the people's life long health
    by providing personalized services for a longer and healthier life span
  • 2. We will do our utmost to ensure that all citizens can receive affordable medical care with greater health
    coverage and to improve the quality of life in old age for the happiness of the people.
  • 3. We will closely collaborate with the international community to share universal values such as the
    guarantee of health and endeavor to lead the world with a global standard healthcare system.

We will cooperate with all stakeholders including the government, the insured, and healthcare providers to realize our new vision for the next ten years and pledge to take the lead in creating and maintaining a healthcare system that will bring hope and happiness to everyone.