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National Health Insurance Service

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President's Message

Welcome to National Health Insurance Service.
For your better future in healthcare and protection!

Welcome to National Health Insurance Service.

National Health Insurance Service, as the country’s key institution for the task of protecting healthy life of the nation, is responsible for the management of National Health Insurance which protects the nation from disease and Long-term Care Insurance which secures a comfortable old age.

Through continuous reforms, National Health Insurance has been developed as a major social security system that fully supports the nation’s health care.

Now, we are preparing for another innovation.

We will protect the nation by expanding insurance benefit that converts the non-covered therapeutic items into a full coverage. Additionally, we will gain the nation’s faith by implementing the fairer and more transparent imposition system.

To achieve this, we will closely cooperate with government and related institutions, and sincerely listen to the voice of the nation and medical providers.

With a faith for the better life of the nation will come as we change, we will open a new future for healthcare with you.

I look forward to your continued interest and encouragement, and I wish all of your healthy and happy life.
Thank you very much.

Yong-Ik Kim President National Health Insurance Service